Hand Embroidery,Nakshi Kantha stitching Tutorial #28, নকশী ক

Hand Embroidery,Nakshi Kantha stitching Tutorial #28, নকশী কাঁথা সেলাই করার নিয়ম, नोक्षी कथा डिजाइन

#traditionalnokshikatha #bangladeshi #nakshikantha Hand Embroidery,Nakshi Kantha stitching Tutorial #28,নকশী কাঁথা সেলাই করার নিয়ম,नोक्षी कथा डिजाइन Hello! Today you will learn how to embroider Nakshi kantha. Nakshi kantha, a type of embroidered quilt, is a centuries-old Bengali art tradition of the Indian subcontinent, notable in Bangladesh and Indian states of West Bengal and Tripura. The basic material used is thread and old cloth. Nakshi kanthas are made throughout Bangladesh, but the greater Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Faridpur and Jessore areas are most famous for this craft. The colourful patterns and designs that are embroidered resulted in the name "Nakshi Kantha",which was derived from the Bengali word "naksha", which refers to artistic patterns. The early kanthas had a white background accented with red, blue and black embroidery; later yellow, green, pink and other colours were also included. The running stitch called "kantha stitch" is the main stitch used for the purpose. Traditionally, kantha was produced for the use of the family. Today, after the revival of the nakshi kantha, they are produced commercially. Nokshi katha,nakshi kantha,Bangladeshi nakshi kantha,Bangladeshi nakshi kantha design,bangla nakshi katha design,haw to make Bangladeshi nakshi kantha design part-1,Hand eembroidery Nakshi Kantha Design Video ,Latest Bangladeshi nakshi kantha, নকশীকাঁথা নকশা, Hand Embroidery Bangladeshi Traditional nakshi kantha border |border stitches, nakshi kantha, nokshi katha, nokshi kathar design, nokshi katha picture, নকশি কাঁথা সেলাই প্রশিক্ষণ, How to Make,nokshi katha dizain, নকশি কাঁথা, নকশী কাঁথা ডিজাইন, 01) Etymology : the word kantha originated from the Sanskrit word kontha, which means rags, as kantha is made of rags. 02) Tradition: Like any other folk art, kantha making is influenced by factors such as materials available, daily needs, climate, geography, and economic factors 03) In literature: The famous Bengali poet Jasimuddin also had a very famous poem 'Nakshi Kanthar Math' on Nakshi Kantha. 04) Making: Traditionally old sarees, lungis and dhotis were used to make kanthas. Kantha making was not a full-time job. Women in almost every household were expert in the art. Rural women Types The following is how kanthas are categorized, according to the stitch type: Running stitch, Lohori kantha, Lik or anarasi, Cross-stitch or carpet, Sujni kantha, Stitches, Motifs: Lotus motif, Solar motif, Wheel motif, Swastika motif, Tree of life motif, Kalka motif, Traditional nakshi kantha, Other motifs: Water Motif,Mountain Motif,Fish Motif,Boat Motif,Footprint Motif,Ratha Motif,Mosque Motif,Panja or Open Palm Motif,Agricultural Implements,Animal Motifs,Toilet Articles,Kantha Motif, Categories: Geographical Indications in West BengalBengali cultureCulture of West BengalQuiltingEmbroidery in IndiaArts in BangladeshBangladeshi It is an embroidery filling technique, to be precise. It is an easy way to fill up large areas. Moreover, you need to use the following stitches: Do not forget to subscribe to my channel where you will find different very well explained embroidery tutorials from which you will certainly learn. I upload videos on YouTube Everyday. If you want to know more about my videos If you liked this video. * SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL * So you can continue watching my next videos. Remember that you can follow me on social networks :) Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nill.tara.779857 Hand Embroidery,Baisakhi special latest border line design, Pohela Boishakh dress https://youtu.be/fAnm_xCb76w Hand Embroidery, Nakshi Kantha stitch Tutorial #27, नोक्षी कथा डिजाइन, নকশীকাঁথা সেলাইকরার নিয়ম https://youtu.be/W2p_sG49VUE Hand embroidery border line design tutorial,nakshi katha border design by rup handicraft https://youtu.be/elfQokvHQOs Hand Embroidery, Easy Border Line design Tutorial, Border Design by Rup Handicraft https://www.youtube.com/redirect.php?w=HuoEPCYVu90

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